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Dr. Jeannie Lessly's Modern Healthcare Onsite in Your Assisted Living Facility Home

 Jeannie Lessly, M.D.

Trained at Vanderbilt

Board-Certified in Geriatrics and

Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine

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Do You Want Onsite Medical Care Tailored To You in Your Assisted Living Facility?

At Doctor Jeannie Senior Care we come to you at your ALF facility to provide medical attention in the comfort of your home without the hassle of having to travel to a doctor's office. Dr. Jeannie Lessly will do the first evaluation, creating a detailed geriatric care plan to be enacted by her nurse practitioners and physician assistants for follow up visits. Everyone has a monthly check-in and is seen more frequently if any problems arise. Phones are covered 24/7 to address any concerns at any hour. You may keep your current doctor in addition to DrJSeniorCare or you may choose for us to take over primary care services. Most services are covered by insurance but co-pays may apply. Other companies charge over $300 in addition to insurance for an initial evaluation by a geriatric physician but DrJSeniorCare provides this service at no additional charge. We consult with you and your loved ones to develop the best plan to ensure your health care goals are met.

Would You Like an Expert Looking at the

Whole Picture of Your Health?

Benefits of Doctor Jeannie Senior Care:

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  • A geriatric assessment covered by insurance (co-pays may apply depending on your insurance plan). Geriatricians specialize in people over 65. Unfortunately, with over 10,000 people turning 65 every day in America, it can take up to a year to see a geriatrician in a clinic setting—but you don’t have to wait that long! Jeannie Lessly, M.D. will do your first evaluation in your ALF home

  • A professional healthcare provider that you can call anytime, day or night, about any health concerns - available 24/7/365

  • Coordinated care with your other doctors to eliminate confusion and conflict about your ongoing health problems

  • Medication management. Did you know that what works in a 40 or 50 year old can actually cause harm in an older adult? Most Seniors are taking too many medications that are making them sick—stopping unnecessary medications can make you feel better

  • Geriatric Guidelines developed by a physician board-certified in geriatrics and trained to address the specific needs of older adults

  • Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant onsite visits to treat all your health concerns

  • Connection with your family to coordinate what you want for your health care

  • Discussions with you about your goals of care so decisions are made in advance to avoid a potential crisis

  • Covered by Medicare and participating Medicare Advantage Programs (co-pays may apply depending on your coverage)

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**DrJSeniorCare is required by Medicare to bill a co-pay which is covered by secondary insurance.

If you do NOT have secondary insurance, you may qualify for a Financial Hardship Waiver through Medicare which we can help facilitate.

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, we will call you insurance (each one is different) to let you know exactly what your insurance requires.

Open membership - cancel at any time.

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